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CAPPUCCINO MILK/WHITE CHOCOLATES - Available in 2.5 KG Original Pack ✅Ship Out Daily Except Friday & public holiday                                                   ✅A fusion of dark chocolate, white chocolate and cappuccino.
✅With flavours that combine creaminess with roasted cocoa and coffee notes and a slight hint of sweetness to round it off, you have a perfect base to flavour mousses, cremeux, drinks and so much more.
✅They also work wonders in ganaches.
They have a standard fluidity and can be processed like you would do with any regular milk chocolate.
✅Melting, tempering, moulding, enrobing, etc. work in exactly the same way.
✅And as to pairings, you can combine it with expressive and slightly acid fruit flavours like raspberry, strawberry, lemon zest and so much more.